Good Vibes Society is an environmentally minded cold brew coffee company that works with sustainable and ethically sourced goods. 

Our goal is to spread good vibes: one cold brew coffee at a time. As an independent craft brewer, we believe in conducting business responsibly by ensuring that we uphold high ethical standards through every step of our production process not only for ourselves, but with our suppliers, vendors, and our ingredients. We only source fair trade coffee beans to make sure our cold brew is produced to fair trade standards and to further support sustainable practices. All our high-quality ingredients are sourced locally as is the production of our refreshing cold brew coffee in Los Angeles, California. 

We continue to give good vibes beyond the brewing process through the reuse of our ingredients. Leftover coffee grounds are repurposed as compost to provide nutrients and nourishment for plants of all kinds. Other ingredients are transformed into delicious energy snacks to provide nutrients and nourishment for humans. We recycle where we can to reduce the need for new resources. We firmly believe in being environmentally conscious and reducing our ecological footprint at every step of the process. 

Good Vibes Society is continually thinking good vibes and is ready to build a partnership with you to spread our tasty and invigorating cold brew coffee to people who share the same core “good vibes” values. We currently offer three flavors: mindfulness, down to earth, and be humble which are all a reflection of our company’s values. Please let us know if you have any additional questions about our brand or any of our products.